Frequently Asked Questions


About Facebook Advertising

What information is needed to start advertising?
Launching a campaign on Facebook requires some preparatory activities that are key to success. In order to create the most effective campaign for you, our experts will need to collect from you;
  • Your visual assets: logo and images. These assets will have to respect the intellectual property and the editorial guidelines required by Facebook. They should also be of good quality as they will have to look attractive to users. If you do not have access to any of these assets, do not worry. Our experts will select and share with you the best pictures for your campaign.
  • Text: Which will be used to build the message for your campaign and will be displayed with the images. It should be concise, direct and should provide the reason why for users to see more or click on your post.
  • Landing page: Where users will be directed if they click on your post. It can be your Facebook page, your website or your listing page on Yangon Directory website if you are one of our advertisers.
  • The access right to your Facebook page: This is absolutely important in order to set up the campaign. We will not modify anything, we will only use your page for advertising purposes. If you do not have a Facebook page, we will create it for you.
You will have the opportunity to send all requested elements to your sales consultants or upload them into the platform. Before the campaign is launched, you will receive an alert requesting your approval on the post that will be used.
Please let us know if you are satisfied so that your campaign will not be delayed, otherwise let us know if you would like to change anything.
What advertising formats are available on Facebook?
  • Link/Image Post: This creative will allows you to use a text with your message, together with an image that represents your business. In addition, you can specify a landing page where users who click on your post will be redirected.
  • Video: You can also upload your own video on Facebook and advertise. In addition, you can specify a text for your message and a landing page for your users.
Do not have video? MMRD Digital Services provide Video Marketing Services at very reasonable price. Please let our sales girls know or contact 09448001662 for more info.
  • Carousel: This format allows you to show more products and services in just on post. You can select up to 5 images and descriptions. This is a format that generates high visibility and is suggested in case you have different messages or products you would like to communicate at the same time.
Can I advertise by myself on Facebook?
Yes, you can. Facebook allows Facebook page admins to advertise in several ways.
  • Post boosting – You simply boost the post on your Facebook pages. You can select further basic demographics and interests. These types of Facebook advertising is the least effective as the targeting is not accurate.
This is what most of page admins in Myanmar do.
  • Ads manager –On Facebook Ads manager, you can specify targeting, upload your own data to efficiently target and deliver your message more cost effectively.
Professional digital marketers and agencies use this.
  • Third-party platforms –You can also use third party platforms that have access to Facebook data and develop customized solutions. These platforms are localized and optimized to increase the advertising effectiveness on Facebook. Real Results is the third party platform developed by official Facebook Marketing Partner and Facebook Innovation Spotlight Winner, GotU.
Advanced digital marketers and larger agencies use this.
What type of image should I have on Facebook ads?
The impact of your campaign will strongly dependent on the images that will be used. They will capture the attention of the users because of their size and impact on every device. They should be aesthetically nice and attractive. Inside the image you may have the text, however it should not exceed 20% of the total available space.
Also, images should be compliant with the Facebook editorial policy (No illegal, forbidden, unconsidered, protected contents)
Size of the image:
Can I have video ads on Facebook?
Yes, absolutely! It is proven that Facebook video ads are 12 times more effective than image and text combined. We suggest your video should be maximum 60 seconds as that is the attention span of the online users.
Do not have video? MMRD Digital Services provide Video Marketing Services at very reasonable price. Please let our sales girls know or contact 09448001662 for more info.
Who cannot advertise on Facebook?
Categories that cannot advertise on Facebook include:
  • Weapons
  • Alcohol and tobacco
  • Gambling
For more information refer to the Facebook Advertising Policies.