Frequently Asked Questions



How can we give you access to our Facebook?
For us to be able to post the ads on your Facebook page, we need access to you as administrator. We will not modify anything, we will only use your page for advertising purpose.
For us to give access to your Facebook – log into your Facebook page > go to setting > go to page roles and assign Real Results as page admin. You need to do before the campaign start date unless we will not be able to run the advertisement.


Why am I not seeing my ads on my newsfeed?
The main reason why you cannot see your posts is probably your profile has not been identified as fulfilling all the targeting criteria you selected. Another reason could be that you choose to reach only part of the total users available in your area.
Do not worry! Your customers will still see it and we guarantee that.
What can I do if I am not satisfied?
Just simply contact your sales rep or call us at 09 9000712.


Why am I not seeing my ads on my newsfeed?
User – the unique number of people who have interest in your business and seen your ad 6 times on average.
Reach – the unique number of people who have seen your ad.
Impression – the number of times your ads have shown. For example if you have shown your ad 3 times to 1,000 people – the impression is 3,000.
Frequency – the number of times one ad has been show to one user.
People normally do not pay attention to the ad they only see for one time.