Frequently Asked Questions


About Advertising Process

How can we check our designs and where?
You can easily check your advertising designs on our advertising platform
Can we provide our own advertising materials?
Yes, you can send these to your sales rep or upload them into the platform at
How long will it take to start my advertising after I finalize my order?
The minimum time needed for your campaign to start is roughly 4 weeks. This is required in order to collect all the elements for your campaign, produce the best possible combination of text and images, share it with you and set it up on Facebook.
Can I make changes to the advertisement?
Yes you can! You will be notified via email once your advertisement copy is ready.
If you would like to make changes, notify us within 5 days so we can help you achieve the best advertising for you.
Where can I get info about the performance of my campaign?
Together with your campaign, you also have access to an online platform dedicated to monitoring the performance of your campaign. You will see the stats related to the number of people reached by your posts, the number of views per person and the number of clicks.
How can I evaluate the performance of my campaign?
When you confirm your order, you will be informed about the number of people that will be reached by your campaign.
If the number is achieved, then the campaign has successfully completed. Since repetition of the message increase effectiveness, we also guarantee that the campaign will be displayed on average 6 times per person.